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Lee Taylor-Nelms, LLC

We work with Fortune 500 companies, federal agencies and nonprofits to deliver metric-based, 508-compliant training, change management, and performance support tools.

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Change Management

Generate specific organizational interventions (e.g., change management exercises, restructuring, training, etc.) to support organizational objectives

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Effective Metrics

Conduct needs analyses and design performance evaluation plans to measure a client’s return on investment.

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Innovative Training

Collaborate with clients, subject matter experts, and team members to deliver instructionally sound e-learning, Web-based, mobile, 3D, and instructor-led training for how people learn



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Diane Charnov

Senior Analyst
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Tess Trotter

Marketing Manager
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Michelle Pogue Fenton

Learning Solutions Analyst
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Adrian Sternberg

Research Analyst
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Jennifer Ukwa




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Climate Change, Cultural Inclusion… Political Warfare inside the American Classroom

We live in an age where entrenched political ideologists classify and vilify real-world issues like climate change and cultural inclusion as ‘Democratic’ or left-wing issues when in fact, the culprit in lies not in political differences, but…
17 Jul, 2022
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Culturally-Inclusive Classroom Strategies

Long ago, when my son attended kindergarten, I remember one of the mantras his teacher used when classmates were unkind to one another. “You can’t say, you can’t play.†At the time, little did I know that…
11 Jul, 2022
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Why Zoom Drains You and What To Do About It

I've heard many co-workers comment on the way ZOOM drains us. For some, the feeling of being drained may be due to the application's "newness," popularity and primary mode of both work and home communication. Although I…
26 Apr, 2020